Hi everyone

I'll keep it short. As a kid I use to draw fantasy maps of islands and cities, but at some point they were all thrown away (something I still regret).
I still enjoy looking at maps when travelling or just whenever I'm bored. When I got into roleplaying I decided to create my own maps for support, and as a player I was the one making maps of the dungeon.
I have created two settings so far. Mostly just a small part of the world, focussing on one particular nation where everything happens. Now I want to make a third, and actually combine the three to cover a bigger setting. Feedback and tips are very useful, so that's why I signed up.
My maps are mainly for personal use in game sessions, but I prefer to have them look like old maps found in some dusty library. For my first setting I drew the maps by hand, then scanned them and added legenda with Photoshop. When I made the second setting I only had my laptop and no drawing tools, so I made the maps with Gimp and then used Photoshop to add legenda.
When I look at some of the maps here then I think mine are still very amateuristic. Your maps are peaces of art! My ultimate goal is to make maps that resemble the ones from the 16th/17th century, especially the city maps like from the Braun/Hogenberg Cities of the World (got this books two years ago, and it's beautiful!)