Hi guys
School holidays are coming to an end here so I will now have more time to dedicate to producing a map for my fantasy novel. I posted the early stages of my journey on another thread (Curse you! Curse you all!) but now I see this as a WIP so I thought I would post it here. Hope that's ok

Still trying to learn the techniques to produce the result I'm after. These are the things I've looked at so far:
Producing a more convincing coastline
Background textures
Compass roses
Coverting images to brushes in Photoshop and Pantshop Pro

Next things I will be working on will be:
Suitable border
Finished design for compass roses
Producing some drawings to convert into brushes for terrain and water
Choosing a really nice font
Converting my own script into a font
Designing heraldic symbols for various factions
Designing icons for cities, castles, armies etc
Plus a dozen things I haven't yet considered

I've already incorporated people's comments from the other threads so please keep them coming.

So here's the progression so far...
Click image for larger version. 

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This was the first sketch I was working to