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Ok - so to elaborate on the cave post I made earlier, I started out with a map from the random dungeon generator and added all of the basic shading as per Torstan's tutorial.

Then I wanted to have some fun.

So I added some bridges from a central pillar to connect chambers around the edges and then some masonry walls (or my version of them) that would have been added to lock off those areas and turn them into rooms or something. Door frames were added from Torstan's Tiles.


I'm not happy with the masonry walls and door but I'm not sure what to do with them. Advice is appreciated.

I kinda like the 'sunken floor' look that I was going for. Adding in the contour lines really helped. I used a hard brush at first and drew them in and then replicated the layer, blurred it and put it under the previous layer so that it would diffuse the lines a bit.

I'm not -completely- happy with the bridges. I think they need some kind of shading to make them look more like they're apart of the floor rather than floating on top of it. Any help with that would be appreciated.


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So on a re-touch I pulled out the walls and added more shadows inside the perimeter walls. Still not happy with the bridges.


-Green Pilgrim