Hi I'm interested in the creation regional and town maps. I've been planning a campaign and doing a some hand drawn stuff and decided to do some research on software I could use.

A quick search let me to Pro Fantasy software. Exactly what I was looking for and a lot more than I would ever need. Much too expensive, the software for me to create a regional map and the software to create a town map are two separate purchases.

My next thought was Photoshop. I haven't used the program of owned it in many years. I downloaded GIMP and I will be reading tutorials and experimenting in the weeks to come. There is a really good regional map tutorial on this website I found. Currently I am focused on my town map.

A few notes about my maps, the regional is very small in scale a secluded island. My town is also very small community low population.


1. I have a touch screen monitor with a kind of pen or stylus can I utilize the touch screen monitor to 'hand draw' buildings in GIMP?

2. What are some tools used for placing structures and vegetation I don't intended to hand draw?

3. Are there any GIMP tutorials you are aware of that specifically focus on the town map creation?