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Thread: [Region 1][Map 13][Town 03] Stormlit Cloister

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    Post [Region 1][Map 13][Town 03] Stormlit Cloister

    Just a placeholder for my choice of place to map. Torq, is there anything I need to know about this place that's not in the Wiki?

    ::Edit:: Changed from Arkender which is on Lake Festus which (I am pleased to report) is already being mapped extensively!

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    I love the name 'Stormlit Cloister' - it brings to my mind images of an isolated, spired monastery city perched on top of a bleak and desolate range, where the faithful, during their meditations, watch dark thunderheads roll across the flanks of the mountainside far below their eirie peak.

    Here the monks have retreated to find a cure to the plague. Consequently, they have sent out a call for all skilled in the arcane arts to join their college and many have answered. Some wizards prefer to work alone, and for them special quarters are built resulting in a gradual and extensive expansion of the original complex.

    To reach the Cloister, travellers must ascend the 'ten thousand steps', a steep and perilous stair carved into the mountain. There are simple rest-houses upon the way, for the journey takes four days.

    The denizens of the Stormlit Cloister lead a simple ascetic life. In upland pastures acolytes tend a breed of hardy goat which provide milk, meat and fur. Vegetables are grown in small gardens under the eye of Father Meehan - the head of the order.

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    Run with it man, run with it! I love the idea. I'm very happy that Stormlit Cloister is in good hands. Go Groam!

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    You're doing Stormlit Cloister, and I am doing Small Coping
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    Neon! We must see if we can link up thoughts .... supplies from Small Coping to Stormlit Cloister perhaps? Here's my first WIP (trying out yet another style).

    ### WIP ###
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    Very Pretty

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