I am currently a graduate student studying geography and environmental science. The majority of my mapmaking has been done in ArcMap, which is a program for assessing spatial statistics/patterns. I also have a history as a photographer and artist. In creating maps for scientific publications, I became interested in combining my education with artistic interests through cartography. I have no specific interests, but I would like to design some creative maps of the real world and literary/gaming worlds that already exist. I am studying hydrology (which is studying rivers/stream networks) so if you have questions regarding feasibility of stream placement, let me know. Though I don't understand the aesthetic preferences that cartographers have developed, I do understand where streams belong based on drainage area and slope thresholds.

I'm currently working my way through Ascensions Atlas Style Map, and running into some difficulties with the layer blend (it isn't showing up). So anyone who has gone through that tutorial, and may be able to help, please let me know so I can explain my issues.

I hope I can bring some knowledge to this group and I look forward to learning from the creations you post!