Hello, everyone.

I've recently been reading up on various fantasy novels, campaign settings, and information on various worlds in video games in order to gather inspiration for developing the history of a world that I am currently working on. One of the most intriguing aspects of fantasy worlds (assuming that the fantasy world in question utilizes magic) is the very source of magic and how it is distributed and used. There's a literal plethora of sources of magic and the means by which they are used: the True Source and the One Power from The Wheel of Time series, the world being made with a magical core and distributed through magical leylines, and even the branding of mortals by gods or some other entity such as in Suikoden II (where "magic" in that game is generated by the branding of Runes.)

If you have a favorite source of magic, or if you have come up with a source of magic, feel free to post here.