Ive decided to have another go at designing the look of my geofiction world. Bear in mind that the shape of the world is based upon a huge destructive event that destroyed a supercontinent, pushing lands apart and swallowing some of it whole, so that fantasy element kind of changes the idea of tectonic plates. A massive maelstrom (real original, I know) is churning in the place of the destructive event, causing powerful circular winds to blow out counter-clockwise from the center, eroding land quickly in its path.

The idea behind the design of this world was to have it look natural yet flowy, using the coastlines, island chains, and major mountain ranges as focus lines for the eyes to follow, and I posted a picture of those lines that I had in mind. I do still want the world to appear realistic though, so as I haven't figured out the exact tectonic plates for it, let me know if it still looks believable and somewhat realistic.

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