It's for a story I'm working on. I'm trying to steer clear and avoid the typical fantasy setting, which is a quasi-Western European style monarchy, or duchy. I already have some ideas myself:
- A taiga-like climate (an underused climate, IMO) with icy mountains and wild, untamed forests. Although sparsely populated (due to the lack of resources and harsh climate), the area would be home to groups of fiercely independent, semi-nomadic tribes who war for dominance.
- Although the terrain would vary depending on the area, a temperate climate, with some mountains and fertile lands next to rivers and seas. This would be a larger area than the first setting, maybe even a small continent. Several city-states, each unique and powerful, vie for control over the land, but not always using military means. Think the polis of Ancient Greece, or the Italian city-states.

Which one sounds the best? Any other suggestions? And what is your favourite fantasy setting (either your own or in existing literature)?