Hi all!
First, let me say how glad I am to have found this place! Amazing stuff on here!

So, this is my WIP-thread.
I’m going to give you some info on my gear, mapping background, why I’m making maps, what kind of maps I want to do and show you some previous work.

1. “Gear”
Software: PS 6, Hardware: Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch
At the moment I use Photoshop CS 6, but I also have Gimp, Illustrator (the whole CS6, actually) and CC3 with DD3.
I use PS because I a) have it and b) my new Wacom seems to work better with it than with Gimp.
Although I like CC3, it seemed to not match my expectations. Plus I found it a bit too laboriously to get the outcome I was looking for.
2. Mapping background
I have always loved maps, and still do. One of my favorite “toys” is Google Earth.
Being a fantasy and, to a certain degree, science-fiction nerd quickly led me to RPG and then, of course, to making up my own worlds/scenarios.
Even since before playing RPGs I wanted to write a novel. A fantasy one, naturally. Over the years I have written bits and pieces in different settings. One of the first worlds I came up with is also the one I kept coming back to.
I started drawing maps on paper. The basic shape evolved more and more, as did it’s background story (don’t ask for it, it’s still pretty fuzzy and by no means complete! ).
Now I moved to digital mapmaking, because:
3. What kind of maps do I want to make?

Alright, let me break up the column here.

As it says in the thread’s topic, I want to create an atlas like world map. From that map, I‘d like to copy sections for regional maps, so the coastlines stay the same.
I’m aware that I need a pretty detailed and probably HUGE world map to achieve this. Also, I forgot to mention that I have never worked with Photoshop before! My drawing skills outside of maps are almost nonexistent, too.
Is this insane? Honest answers welcome.

I haven’t settled on a style yet. Yesterday I found the map of the High Empire Of Korachan by vorropohaiah. I really like that map, and it’s style. Plus it seems to be a very, very large map that could suit my needs.

Following is the first map I created in Photoshop, of the continent Skahria, and it’s subcontinents Kanotraea and the home of the crumbled empire of the Hen, the mountain people.
It was create in an all-nighter I pulled in a frenzy following Kindari’s Tut. I saved an early step, so I could copy segments just as coastlines.
In the third image I tinkered around a bit with various lightings, layer effects etc.

Any input and critique is welcome!

Click image for larger version. 

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