The map will be of a world/planet with many continents.
The main continent will have mountains in the east and lots of water in the north.
Approximately 6-8 nations will be on each continent.
The total number of contenints should not exceed five.

I am looking for a map of this style except with more light colors(a few yellows, and loght blues, maybe cyan).

Quality & Size:
Professional/semi-professional map will be greatly appreciated.
Map will be posted on the Internet.
Map should be approximately 3000X2000-5000X6500 pixels and at least 100 ppi.

Time Constraints:
Needs to be done by the end of this year.

I would like reproduction rights to the map.
The artist will retain copyright of the map.

Additional Details:
The location of the list of nations can be found at NationStates | Union of Piklian Nations

Contact Details:
PM me if interested in more details.
Otherwise, reply to this topic.