I would like to know who is interested in a new cooperation project and if so, what you would like to do to contribute. Everyone can participate from professional to beginner, from mapper to writer. All styles would be accepted, although we might need some guidelines.

I always wanted to participate in the old project but could not for different reasons and now it’s closed. Since a bunch of people seems interested, we could create another one. I would like to hear your thought about it also if you think it’s a bad idea and what we could do to improve it. I was told that the last project was abandoned because there was a security issue, so we need to address this problem.

Here’s a summary of what the project is all about:

-Make a complete world map
-Take a specific region
-Separate that region so that each person can map a different part
-Make other maps for cities and small locations

That is the main part but it also come with a lot of writing and descriptions because it makes no sense to just make a map appear out of nowhere. Creating a world is a daunting task but with many people involved, it become much easier.

I already did a map but others can also make one so people might chose their favourite.

PS: Didn't know how to name it.