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Thread: Earen - A Work In Progress

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    Wip Earen - A Work In Progress

    This is a map i am currently working on for two things:
    A) Online campaign using D&D 4th edition
    B) Second story i am about to write. (Earen is the namy of the world)

    About the map:
    The map was done entirely in photoshop and used a few tricks like you have seen in the first map i posted regarding a campaign setting with a Forgotten Realmish feel, later on today i will post a small guide on how i did all the forests in my map by simply using a small patch of texture and blurring and highlighting the borders. Any further questions might be answered when i get a break from work and my studies. This is a work in progress, any suggestions will be gladly taken!

    About the world:
    The world of Earen is still young, the elves reign supreme above all other races, humans empires are raising and thus the world has still its verdant splendor, but for how long? I have not placed the cities yet but most of them will be heavily influenced by elven names, other ancient races include the dragonborn and the tieflings who migrated from other worlds.
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    That's one of the nicest hand drawn maps I've seen on this site. I assume most of it is hand drawn rather than done with custom brushes?

    A couple of minor niggles - the chasm to the SE looks like it should flood with water. Also, I'm not crazy about the sea texture but the land is spot on.

    Good work!

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    This is a very awesome map. I agree with torstan on the water texture, I'd prefer it a bit more 'watery'. But the mountains and other details on the land are brilliant, there is a lot to see and imagine. I'd love to see where you take this

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    Yes its very nice indeed. Looking forward to seeing more.

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    Ditto what the others said. The humongous mountain in the west looks really nice, especially with lower peaks blended in. As other stated, the water texture looks a bit off and is distracting to my eyes. The only other thing you might want to play with is to see if you can get a taper on your river. It looks like it starts wholly formed at the foot of the mountains. The cliffs and gorges all look great.

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    Man, I'll just go ahead and "ditto" what everyone else has said, and also, any chance you could do a tutorial on your style?

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    I like the water texture, myself ... it looks like marble instead of water, but I like it. You might want to make it look a little less smooth, though, maybe a photoshop "render lighting" or something to bring the variations up as a texture. Maybe you should apply some perspective, also, so the top of the texture is scaled down compared to the bottom, you know, to make it slant like the rest of the map.

    But I definitely think you need some kind of shading at the coasts. The land/water transition is too harsh.

    That's really beautiful work, man. Cheers in keeping it monochromish, too. I like subdued palettes.

    So you write, too? Where do you publish?

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    It was all done in photoshop nothing was hand drawn
    Hey, one can hand-draw in photoshop in the same way one can hand-draw with paper and pencil! (Sometimes better, in fact ... Eraser ≠ Undo!)

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    here we go


    With this small piece all i did was mesh together alot of them, after i took the eraser to shape my forests after i was done i outlined them with a brush of 2 px, then on layer options i set it to luminosity, duplicated the layer, then set the layer to color with a fill 36%


    This is just an example of the mountains before being blended in, some retouched, some not, i know this is harder then actually making your own set of mountains from scratch but what can i say, its like making a puzzle, all u need to do is re size some of them and you have your mountain ranges.


    I used this texture for the snowy terrain of the north and on top of it all a layer with a fill of 13%, then i used a brush with white to give it the snow effect.


    I made a layer, filled it with white i gave it a stroke of 2 px and used the polygonal lasso tool to cut out the world then with the eraser tool i rounded down some corners and smooth the border of the terrain.

    to Toff: Will work on the shades of the coast, i write as a hobby, i pass it around to some friends who i know might enjoy it.

    to everyone else: Thank you so much for the feedback i will put it to good use.

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