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Thread: Producing a proper world map (globe)

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    Default Producing a proper world map (globe)

    I've been struggling how to produce a globe world map in Photoshop CS6 that uses a world projection type. I've read a thing or two around here, particularly this thread on map projections, brought to my attention in the topic where I posted my world map which doesn't use a world projection, but it still evades me how I can paint landmass on top of the provided templates that follow the curves of the world projection as pointed out in this post. Other programs like Flex Projector came to my attention through here as well as Quantum GIS and G.Projector but do I need to use these or is Photoshop all it takes? Sure, with Flexify 2 I can easily transform a flat land map into a globe in Winkel Tripel but I don't see how that brings me any closer in making a proper globe map.

    Photoshop tutorials I have seen so far do not cover the subject of world projection so those are not helpful.

    I need a proper map for a fantasy novel I'm working on, I could resort to a complete flat land but I would rather have a (proper) globe world. I need to get the geography right before I continue.
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