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Thread: [CG Choice Map] Skenth - The known world.

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    Default [CG Choice Map] Skenth - The known world.

    I have always loved creating maps and when I took up being a dungeon master I knew I would need a world map and after many months and countless hours of work I have lovingly created this. This world is filled with numerous races, gods, monsters, and magic like many fantasy worlds and I hope my players will really get a kick out of this map and through it become ever more immersed. The world is supposed to be wild with states precariously surrounded by hostile natural and supernatural forces and frequent internal sources of instability.

    I am ready to declare it effectively complete though I have yet to print it off. Any changes from this point will be very minor tweaking before I actually print this. I am already working on a new map in fact! It is obviously a custom world and I have created ~all~ the elements contained in this map by hand through photoshop with the exception of the fonts I used. They are as follows: Black, Gabriola, and Viking

    I have presented the map in three images all of which have been reduced in terms of resolution from the working size to something suited for the Internet and this website.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Skenth by Viking - The known world 032 full.jpg 
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    Here is the entire image, reduced in size out of necessity.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Skenth by Viking - The known world 032 legend.jpg 
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    Here is the floating legend I produced.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Skenth by Viking - The known world 032 krakens nest.jpg 
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    Here is a relatively close up view of the Kraken's nest where most civilized realms exist.

    Edit: I have added a Scale:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	scale full.jpg 
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ID:	57697

    The work in progress thread for this can be found here.

    ~Prints Available~

    Please feel free to leave comments!
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    Repped. And.... into the Favorites it goes. Though I believe I've already got at least two wip versions in there. Inspiring piece of work, Viking.

    So, this new map you speak of... ???

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    Wow, amazing, I LOVE it! Great job.
    “When it’s over and you look in the mirror, did you do the best that you were capable of? If so, the score does not matter. But if you find that you did your best you were capable of, you will find it to your liking.” -John Wooden

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    Seems like I can't rep anyone today… but liked and rated anyway, and that is one amazing piece. Stunningly amazing. I'd love to see a photo of it once you have it framed on the wall, if you are planning to do that

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    Excellent work Viking ! Like Arsheesh said : a masterpiece
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    Quote Originally Posted by - Max - View Post
    Excellent work Viking ! Liek Arsheesh said : a masterpiece

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    One of the best maps Ive seen for a long time here! Great work!
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    Really, really good! I love the little pictures at the frame. And the naming is also very good, my favorite being "The Roaring Gulf"! Congratulations!

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    gorgeus stuff! only think i can 'fault' is the lack of a scale marker (that i can see) and labels - you list the different city markers in the key but the map is sorey missing any outside of the main continent - im guessing thats largely untamed lands, then? other than that, very nice map (tried to rep though i cant but i added 5 stars in the hopes of getting this as a featured map even if it does mean knocking my map off the front page )

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