Hello. I'm currently working on my first project (a map of Middle-Earth) using the "difference-clouds height map"method. My project is pretty big (60*90 cm @ 300 ppi) and while I have an overall satisfactory result for my heightmap (having painted in lower areas, plains etc) I have a problem with the main mountain ranges. I tried darkening the overall heightmap and going a lot lighter on those mountain ranges (the only places I went up to full white) but still when I render it with lighting, they not so luch pop out as huge, massive chains of mountains, but more like broad areas of very rugged land, not a lot higher than the surrounding lands.
I'd upload a picture but I'm writing from my cellphone right now, I hope you understand what I mean.
Is there any way to make mountains at that scope pop out more, am I doing something wrong or is the problem inherent to the method I use?

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