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Thread: Need an Island map for game

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    Default Need an Island map for game

    I will be running a pokemon game over at Myth-Weavers and will need a map of the island that the game will start on. Basically, the player(s) will start in a school atop the mountain and can explore from there if they so choose. Here is a link to the game forum.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is a very rough idea of what the island is like. So basically, there is a mountain range that splits the island in half. It used to volcanic but has been dormant for decades. The red area on the mountain is, of course, where the school is situated. The city is where most businesses reside. The town is where natives to the island live and it's reminiscent of a village that relies on the sea for their livelihood. The rain forest is massive and very much wild. The right side of the island is pretty much sheer cliffs with some that are navigable by foot for those who fish or want the thrill of jumping off a cliff.

    I'll leave the scale of the map up to the mapmaker since I have no idea what I'd like to be. I would love it to be in color. I guess that you can be as detailed as you want but I'm looking for a basic map that displays the elements of the island well. I'd like it to not be super realistic. Feel free to show me your style though as I may like it anyways! The pay will definitely be determined based on how nice/detailed the map is and I'll leave it up to you on how detailed it should be. But like I said, it doesn't have to be super detailed. Before I forget, payment will be done through paypal. I'm not looking to spend a whole lot of money on a map that I'm just going to use for a game. So this is a small budget affair.

    Here are two maps I saw that I kind of liked the style of.
    Twokinds World Map by *Twokinds on deviantART
    Sylestia World Map - Commission by *Ilenora on deviantART

    I'd prefer to have it done within a month but am willing to wait longer if necessary. But my game has been sitting a long time so the sooner the better. Since I have no plans to use it outside gaming, I just want reproduction rights. I'll provide my e-mail only to those interested in making my map for me.

    Thanks for taking the time to read through this and I hope to have someone take up my request.
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    One more post and you can receive PMs.

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    In that case, thank you very much for replying!

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    Edited it a little: This will be low budget and I would like a map in color.

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