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Thread: Fictional Mediterranean Region (Pre Global Flood) WIP!!

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    Wip Fictional Mediterranean Region (Pre Global Flood) WIP!!

    Okay I had this going in another thread, but since I decided to go with some HUGE revisions, I'm basically starting from scratch. I decided to zoom back out so I would have the whole region around the Mediterranean again, but I'm still going to use the Great Hungarian Plain as the basin for my fictional "Soaring Sea". I defined some lakes in the low points of the Mediterranean's topography, as well as extended rivers down into the now-Mediterranean Valley. What you're looking at so far is the basic planning outlines for the coastline, major bodies of water, and the river network.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CotFS Surface Map v1-02.jpg 
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    And here is a blank version with some topography overlayed in red so you can see my line of thinking as for lakes and rivers. My mountain terrain (when I get to that point) will very closely follow present day topography, other than more containment around the Hungarian Plain - so the 'Soaring Sea' can exist as the highest altitude body of water.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CotFS Surface Map v1-01.jpg 
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    I also decided on a MUCH larger image size (24"x36") - as well as printable resolution of 300dpi. So these images of the full map are at a GREATLY reduced resolution, for obvious reasons (the original image is well over 200mb).

    This new rendition is an adaptation based on lots of great feedback I got from my other thread - which was extremely helpful in making this much more realistic and believable! So keep up the comments and criticism (so long as it's constructive!)

    Thanks everyone!

    EDIT: Also wanted to make a note - that tiny triangular lake where a lot of river's drain into in the middle of the Valley - a LOT of water drains through a sinkhole in the bottom of the lake. The sinkhole feeds a giant network of underground caves and caverns (called the Shadowlands). So if you're wondering where all that water goes that's feeding into that lake - that's where.
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