After months of not really visiting this forum I got a sudden urge to draw a map again. And just as luck would have it, I saw a Lite challenge which piqued my interest... And would end very soon.


So, I got to work and decided to try a one-day map: no precisely drawn out towns and borders but a more painterly impression. Since others were already doing continents, lakes and caves I wanted to do something else: I decided the blob was the outline of the impact field of a tight cluster of astroids.

And so the great Ya'gan astroid impact of 2013 came about. I'm sure the inhabitants are not very grateful.

### Latest WIP ###
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I will first make a 'before' map, then redraw it after the impact. It's likely that I won't be in time for the challenge, but it's still good practice!

Feedback and critique always very welcome, but keep in mind this is supposed to be a quick map, and not a refined masterpiece