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Thread: A theory about player flow in map design

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    Question A theory about player flow in map design

    Hello there I'm Altrunchen and you do not know me. >.<;;

    But regardless of that I have an idea that I wanted to discuss with you guys. It's a map idea that is supposed to reflect and draw attention to the flow of players through an environment. One aspect of flow is through the concept of a circuit aka. a loop. So I made this diagram:

    Basically this map concept would work as follows:

    -Each color refers to it's own level of the structure.
    -Where each circle overlaps or intersects with another circle, there would be a room that somehow connects all intersecting circles (shown by the transparent yellow circles).
    -The hallways would not be circular but would instead be divided into three linear rooms that would connect together at angled doorways that when added together would equal the total arc of the circle's segment's path.

    And this map concept implies:

    -Continuous movement (like in an fps)
    -Team objectives (like CTF)
    -Multiple team stations (Like in multi-flag CTF)

    When making this diagram it occurred to me, maybe this would make for a decent Halo map or some such design?

    The hope is that the nature of the diagram would provide the following:

    -numerous options of map navigation
    -numerous angles to check and fortify
    -multiple levels of terrain to traverse
    -the ability to direct player flow while providing numerous contact points between objectives so that the map can feel larger.

    What do you guys think?
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