Hope I get to finish this one....

When I saw the challenge topic, one "landship" immediately came to mind. The building from "The Crimson Permanent Assurance" short.

For those not familiar it about an accounting firm in England that overthrows their new owners, the "Very Big Corporation of America" (a recent takeover), and weighs anchor, setting off, attacking big corporations as they "sail the wide accountan-cy" .

I'm planning to do this in a spelljammer style, flushing out the areas of the building not showed in the movie with what one would expect on a pirate ship, especially one envisioned by Monty Python (so I plan to add in MP references thoughout - such as the Department of Redundancy Department, and the Argument Clinic.

I got a good start by sketching out scale views of the building by ripping several dozen frames out of the video as reference.

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