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    Hello everyone. I've been a long time pen and paper gamer (DnD, BESM, Shadowrun, WoT, Marvel, many more) and I firmly believe a good quality map makes all the difference with setting the mood for a good game. Since I lack any sort of artistic talent myself, (even my stick figures look deformed) I have spent sooooooo many hours scouring the internet for high quality maps for the various games I've ran. Lately whenever I search for a map I always end up on this site and it's to the point where I just look here first. I am very impressed by many of the authors here and decided instead of spending hours upon hours looking for that perfect map, I would start commissioning artists for it. This seems like a great place for that and hopefully I don't make a complete idiot of myself learning how to properly commission.


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    Welcome to the Guild Vastiner! Well there are many folks here who are happy to take on commissions. Also, you might want to have a look at the tutorials on offer here. You might surprise yourself with what you are able to create using them.


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