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Thread: September 2013 Entry: The Milipede

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    Default September 2013 Entry: The Milipede

    This challenge is a tough one. I had various ideas including a literal landship. In the end I have gone for something insectoid and non-fantasy. If I'm going outside my comfort zone then I may as well go all the way.

    Anyway I have decided to make a sketch of it before I map it. It doesn't actually have a name it - is just based on the shape of a giant african milipede.

    ...I have no idea how I'm going to map it though.
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    Cool Idea, go for it!

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    Great concept. You could almost just detail the sketch, color it, label it, and call it done. It'd be an interesting alternative to all the floor plans we'll probably be seeing in this challenge

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    After a brief break I have started working on it. I am going to do a sideview map. I did toy with a 3d or isometric one but it turned out to be too busy.

    I was also discussing what exactly the thing should be with some friends. So the general concept is this landi-pede makes it's way across desert and steppe. It is home to a nomadic tribe/clan of people so it's not some military thing. Occasionally they'll stop and extract minerals or resources, and they will also trade with settlements.

    Anyway, so far I have just done the silhouette background for the map to go on top of. I was considering a sort of computery map type thing. Either a blue screen or an amber screen. I am very fond of amber on black. But we'll see. It will show the various sections of the 'pede. I am thinking of doing a submap that expands on one of the family berths (residential stuff is all in the front section mostly).
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    Amber on black would be awesome yes!

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    I've had pain in my wrist all month but I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow.

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    I didn't get to do as much as I wanted and I am not very satisfied with it, but I at least wanted something finished in this month's challenge before it closes at any point soon. I'm wondering if I should have gone for a blueish scheme instead.

    ### LATEST WIP ###
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    Blue is everything. I like your colors.
    I would have given the silhouette a better contrast to the background though.

    I like the idea of a tribe running that thing.

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