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    Hi there. Looking forward to a little constructive feedback on my work and opportunities to learn a few tricks.

    Anyone know what the turnover is on posts being approved (and, more importantly, what the threshold is for this going away)? I made a WIP post earlier in the day, but I have no idea if it's even pending, since there's no indication in my post history and no hidden thread to view in the forum in which it was posted. I'm not even 100% sure if it was, in fact, posted.

    Edit: And since this post auto-posted, I don't even know what to think. Does this subforum auto-allow any group to post without moderator approval? Can a mod confirm whether my abovementioned post was eaten by a grue before I try to repost it (I tried to post in the Sci-Fi maps forum). I'd shoot a PM, but spambot rules have me a bit shackled here.
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