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Thread: Size limitations for file upload?

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    Default Size limitations for file upload?

    I recently finished a map that I can't seem to post here. I've tried uploading to an album and to a thread. It's my biggest one yet, and the file size comes in at a whopping 7-9MB, depending on the format I save in. Is this too big for this site? Are there any workarounds or alternate sites I can post it to?

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    when you post an attachment, choose "manage attachment", then in the upper right corner there is a "?" symbol, it shows you the maximum size of each type of format.

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    generally jpg format are quite small, try to save your file to .jpg

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    The limit is 4,67 mb and the dimension is something like 32 millions pixels max. You should save in jpeg and choose a lower quality. It's a better option than sqeezing you image.

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