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    Default Multiple Fantasy Maps Request

    Request Summary
    This is a request for a small atlas comprised of the following maps: world map, region map, and maps of a few major cities (2) and towns (3).

    These maps will be used within a Pathfinder/D&D-like campaign setting. (Medieval/Renaissance)

    Number of Maps
    One world map containing an outline of continents and major islands.
    Two regional maps. One done in the style marked below and one black and white outline of the cities, roads, and natural features.
    Two maps per city. One done in the style described below and one without the background (only the black and white outline of the buildings, walls, and natural features).
    One map per town done in the same style as the cities.
    Total: 10 Maps.

    Map Design
    City Design
    Cities and Towns should have a map style similar to the following link: Maldin's Greyhawk - The City of Greyhawk
    Please feel free to play with the background.
    Please do not include labels. Any notes should be included separately.

    In general, the cities are open for design, with the following notes:
    City A: Imperial City on the coast. This city is the center of the campaign and should have a large expanse and a wide variety of buildings for the characters to explore. The city has an academy located on an island just off the coast.
    City B: This city is built on the edge of a mountain with waterfalls as a prominent feature. The castle for this city is built up high with a bridge leading to it, passing by a waterfall.
    Fallbrook: This tiny town was constructed by a (senile) wizard who was obsessed with autumn. As such, the entire town is eternally stuck with orange leaves and an autumn breeze. The wizard made himself a manor in the northeast part of town, partially hidden in its own grove of trees. The town also has a small brook that runs through. (Have some fun with this one!)
    Towns 2 and 3 have no particular focus in mind.

    Region Design
    I'm looking for the region to resemble the map above. It should include markings to indicate the cities/towns above, as well as markings for various other cities and towns not mentioned. It should include various caves, towers, ruins, trails, roads, etc.

    Cities A and B above are capitals of neighboring countries. The region itself should show between 3 and 4 countries total.

    Please do not label or name the map. Please include a separate list of notes to indicate where the above cities and towns lie.

    World Map
    The world map should simply be an outline of the continents and include a separate note indicating where the region lies.

    300 dpi minimum. PNG.

    Flexible. Preferrably City A and regional map done within 4-6 months; the remainder within 6-12 months.

    Artist retains copyright. I request license to reproduce and create derivative works for personal use.

    Please contact to discuss rates. Payment will be made via PayPal.

    Mark Adams
    or Private Message here.

    Thanks to anyone who's read all of this! I look forward to working with whomever decides to pursue this project!
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