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Thread: What up my peeps!

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    Default What up my peeps!

    I mainly like to write and when doing so I find it useful to create a world in which my characters live and this need is what brought me to this site. I have Created my first map using a tutorial I found on youtube by the user Kindari. Here is the link to the first video in the seven video process: Atlas Map Style Tutorial - 1 of 7 (Photoshop) - YouTube , I look forward to going deeper into the map creating world. I want to make cities, towns, countries, rivers, lakes, swamps, valleys, mountains, hills, plateau's, Peninsula's, caves, bay's, straights, and more. I want detail, the more detail in the world the more options I have when writing my stories. I have also dabbled in D&D and would even consider creating adventures using what I learn here.

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    Welcome to the Guild Justin Russell! I've seen several people join up at the Guild using Kindari's video, seems to be pretty popular. Look forward to seeing your work.


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