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Thread: A humble request!

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    Default A humble request!

    I have browsed this forum for a long time before I finally made an account today. I enjoyed the many awesome maps you have created and have recently began to try out different tutorials and mapping in general. While nothing I create is very amazing yet I did manage to make a really rough map in Campaign Cartogpher. While it does do the job it is not up to par to anything I have seen here. So, while I hone my skills in gimp using tutorials and things I am looking for someone to help me out!

    I am running a long term homebrew 3.5e campaign and am in need of something better then what I have. It's a really rough version of the map and I would like pretty much anything else. I'll provide it as an attachment and I will also provide the txt of my descriptions for the major terrains and cities. While there are some markers for cities on the map I'm going to provide by no means do they have to stay. I'd prefer if most of the major terrain translated over but city positions are pretty much going to change anyway. I did not do the best of job of translating them into position in the first place.

    If anyone feels interested or challenged enough to do this please let me know. Artstyle can be anything you'd like but I am shooting for something not any peasant could afford. I would like a watermark of some kind that depicts your name and cartographers guild. If this is done really well I will consider a small fee for it, but I am really hoping you'll help me out of the greatness this forum seems to have~!
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