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    Info Dymaxion Projection Template

    I found an image on Wikimedia of a Dymaxion projection .SVG file of Earth, and in order to do a little thing I removed all of the landmasses from it. The Dymaxion is especially interesting for two reasons: One, it's one of the best projections out there for viewing the geographical relationships between continents, having a unique perspective along with minimal shape distortion and size distortion, and two, because you can cut it out and make an icosahedron from it when printed. Both of those things can be useful for mapping or worldbuilding projects. After all, it's beneficial to create a world while having an accurate idea of distance from the start, and viewing it as a sphere rather than a flat image will also change the way geological and human events pan out. Of course, both of these go south for worlds that aren't meant to be spherical, which I also happen to believe can be good for fantasy settings (After all, bothering with astronomy and interplanetary relationships isn't really beneficial to a fantasy setting. I prefer to have a flat world sometimes, with the sun, moon, and stars each being mythological or non-existant). There is also the fact that the Dymaxion was originally created to view Earth, and the cuts of the map are tailored to view the Earth's landmasses and not your world. This could be fixed in an odd way by creating an icosahedron and drawing the map onto that (At least a draft) and then cutting the triangles in order to work around your continents and not Earth's. As it is, though, it's an interesting thing to look at, and at the very least a template for an icosahedron with latitude and longitude lines could stoke the flames of a different approach to top-down worldbuilding for a few of you. If you think it's interesting, make a map with it and tell me how it goes, or maybe take your existing map and make a little globe of it with this. It might show you a couple new trade routes or migration routes that you hadn't though of, or maybe just showed you how close or far away those two continents really are.

    Attached are the .SVG and .PNG versions of the Dymaxion projection with the Earth's continents removed.
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