This month's challenge will be a little shorter than usual, thanks to me dropping the ball and closing the last one out so late. (Sorry!)

This time around, your challenge will be to map a land that is shrouded in mystery. You could go at it in a couple of different ways - the map could be from the point of view from an outsider, and might be mostly (or purely) conjectural; or it could be done from the point of view of a resident, and so would have more detail (or maybe not; you could build an interesting story and map out of why that would be). No special restrictions on genre or look; the map might show the surface of a planet abandoned after some interstellar war or plague; it might be a mysterious island interior; a fabulous Eastern Empire of wealth and legend; a hidden valley in Antarctica; a lost continent; etc etc.

A quick overview of thread layout and formatting rules:

1. Label each new thread September/October 2013 Challenge: < your title here>
2. Precede each WIP image with this tag: ### Latest WIP ###

The challenge will end on or around the 14th of October, and we'll have four days of voting, after which the winner (or winners, in case of a tie) will be awarded... A BRAND NEW CAR!!! Nah, just kidding. But you will get a nifty Silver Compass.