The map that i'm going to make is kind of archeologic map of tribes that lived in my Homeland (today North-East part of Poland and piece of Lativa) in early middle ages 1000-1300 a.d. I gathered a lot of info about names of most important wooden forts, names of lands, few battles, border lines etc. It is very important to keep the natural lines of rivers, lakes, and coast line of Baltic Sea. So i have many historical details to include, but still i want the map to be stylized like it was made centuries ago by some monks. I work on photoshop cs6 and illustrator cs6, but i have to admitt that i am newbie and this is my first map. I need technical support, can i count on you guys?
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Name:	rzeki jaćwieskie Z MAPY FIZYCZNEJ.jpg 
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ID:	57859 this is start(i have to erase all the names and extract rivers somehow
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ID:	57860 this is it with border lines and names of tribes (names of few forts also)
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ID:	57861 i'd like to make something in that style

What do you think suggestions pls