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    How much should I charge for a map?
    What can I do if a client doesn't pay?
    How do I protect my rights?
    Can I resign from my day job and become a full time professional Mapper?

    As we have a growing number of people who are doing paid mapping commissions, I am putting together a list of links to useful information on the subject. If you are an established artist, please feel free to use this thread to tell others about your experiences, tips and lessons you have learned along the way. I know, for example that Torstan wrote a great piece about his experiences. GamerPrinter has also been very candid about his experiences as a professional mapmaker. I'll try and hunt it down their posts and link them here.

    I know we already have some very useful information on the Guild, but it's spread around widely, I will try and collect it all here but please feel free to help! Just post the link below and CL's will come and do an occasional sweep to consolidate the links into this post for easy reference.

    ----- Threads on the Guild ------

    Creative Commons Issues
    Rates for Cartography Commissions
    How long to sit on a project when you have lost the contract
    Finding Markets for Artistic Maps
    Handing over source files for a commission
    How can anybody ask for an unpaid map?
    Private Commissions of already Copyrighted Work - Should you accept them?
    More Copyright Food for thought
    Publishing your work
    Casting a Wider Freelancer Net
    map making cost
    Inspiring, Imitating and Copying
    Hiring Cartographers
    Pressure and Productivity

    ----- External Resources -----

    Ralf Schemmann Interview - Kobold Quarterly (Thanks Torstan!)
    Sean MacDonald Interview - Kobold Quarterly (Thanks Torstan!)
    How to Hire (Rip Off) an Artist - Kaitol (Thank Jaxilon!)
    How to Licence your Art - portersfield fine art (Thanks Jaxilion!)
    Contracts Proposals and Invoicing - Graham 'Logo' Smith blog (Thanks RobA!)
    Dangers of CC Licensing - (Thanks RobA!)
    Useful Legal Documents for Designers - Smashing Magazine
    The Price of Art - (Thanks Lightminder!)
    Protecting Yourself as a Designer - Webdesigner

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