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Thread: Looking For: Pre-columbian map icons

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    Help Looking For: Pre-columbian map icons

    I am throwing together a map for a class project. I would like to use icons that represent the material (i.e. little mayan pyramids for mayan cities, etc). I have not been able to find any mesoamerican mapping-related brushes via Google. I wonder if I am doing it wrong, or are there really no pre-columbian brush sets lying around?

    Note: If I cannot find any, I will try to make some, but not in anything like a timely manner. Homework first, of course!

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    I don't recall ever having seen a map from a Mesoamerican civilization.

    Here's a website with images of the kind of iconography you probably want:

    Ancient Scripts: Mesoamerican Writing Systems

    And here's a website talking specifically about Aztec maps:


    Good luck with your project!
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    Okay, that's my fault for not being more clear as to what kind of map I was doing. Thanks alot, Midgarsormr, the second link was particularly interesting.
    Actually, I was going more for the "fantasy map element" style. More than 1 fantasy game (WHFB, D&D's Forgotten Realms, etc) has covered Mesoamerican and South American themes. Hopefully, I will get time in the future to make some myself, as soon as my homework allows. Heh...

    Thank's again!

    P.S. - You won't find an authentic map from a Mesoamerican civilization; the Spanish burned all their texts as heretical.
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