I'm attempting to create custom 6x6 tiles that I will print and then mount on either foamcore or chipboard to create modular maps for my DnD game. I found a web app called dungeon painter that allows me to create a simple 6x6 tile and add a wall texture to it. After that I've been saving the file and then using microsoft publisher to add additional map elements like tables, chairs, etc. Publisher also works great for cropping and resizing.

This solution doesn't work perfectly for me though. Dungeon Painter has limited texture options for both floors and walls. That's pretty much all I'm using it for currently.

I'm not an artist so I'm not looking to use any of the fancy artist programs. I just want more options when doing the most basic things like using my own floor textures that I find on the net.

What app or web site will provide the basic mechanics for me while still allowing me to use whatever textures I need? Alot of the programs I've looked at are designed to build full maps rather than individual tiles.