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    Post Abandoned Maps

    We've come to a decision that map areas which have been selected but have not yet been mapped should be put up for adoption to new takers.

    It appears that the following areas have been abandoned (refer to the link below for the areas)

    Map 2 (previously adopted by Darkone)
    Map 3 (previously adopted by Darkone
    Map 11 (previously adopted by Hans Worst) - ADOPTED BY VALARIAN
    Map 15 (previously adopted by kajehito) - ADOPTED BY OCTOPOD
    Map 19 (previously adopted by Venardhi)
    Map 23 (previously adopted by Venardhi) - ADOPTED BY STEEL GENERAL
    Map 27 (previously adopted by ???)
    Map 29 (previously adopted by ???) )- TO BE ADOPTED BY JEZELF

    There may be more coming, but I'll need to hope that Redrobes updates his spider thingy and help me (please help me!)

    So, it's first come first serve on these maps. Any objections by the original mapmakers, please post them here, but if I don't hear from you after a week then the maps will be handed on....but don't worry, once we finish this area, there will be others you can adopt again.

    p.s. you can only adopt one map.



    Map links

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