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    Wip [WIP] A Map for Starfall

    I've been working on the concepts behind a setting for a long while, and now that I've hammered out most of that, I've started to need to work on the various peoples of the world. Unfortunately, I've got no map to sort out just who lives where and who they trade with, etc. That's what brought me here. This is my first attempt at really making a map that is more than a rough sketch on some scrap paper, so any and all input is invited and welcome.

    Being my first map, I figured it might be best to post it in stages, so ya'll can point out the obvious before I really muck it up.

    So here is the initial blob sans outlying islands (yet to be drawn, except the few in the very north where I got ahead of myself):

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Starfall.JPG 
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    And here is the same map with the tectonics drawn in, so I can sort out mountains:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Starfall Tectonics.JPG 
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    Arrows denote the direction the plates are moving. The solid red lines are the edges of the place. Those without adornment are transform plate boundaries; those with lines in a single direction are convergent plate boundaries; and those with lines on both sides are divergent plate boundaries.

    Right now, this is just the actual landmasses. I eventually intend to drop a fair amount of glaciation on this, as the world is ambiguously at the end of an ice age and undergoing rapid global warming. In-game, fire fell from the sky toward the north two hundred years ago bringing the demon scourge that has since plagued humanity. Their corruption has steadily crept south, causing massive storms, torrential rains, massive flooding, entire cities sinking into the ocean, etc. I am largely seeing this as a flat world (it is a fantasy setting, obviously), with the northern quarter to third of the continent under glaciers, and the penultimate quarter-ish being permafrost planes or taiga.

    A couple of things I am unsure of include:
    • How to draw/represent a rift valley
    • What to do about the glaciation and ice sheet beyond, since the far, far north (beyond the boundary of this map) is suppose to be a hot, horrific wasteland populated by demons

    Stylistically, I want something that exudes a sense of darkness, desperation, and panic - the sort of things that the people of the setting are coping with. If it helps any, I generally like the style of this map.

    If it's okay to double-post in this forum, I'll continue posting additional progress as it happens. I think my next step is to draw in the mountains and elevation.
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