I made a map that, as a world map, was pretty much finished, but once I started working on the regions, I realized I didn't like it. That was my first map. It's not very good. I started to redo the map from scratch, but I've run into some problems with my worldbuilding, especially in regards to the world's magic and history. The source of the magic is related to the geography of the world, so until I firmly fix and decide the details of my magic, I have to put aside mapping my world.

In the mean time, I've grown fond of this site and of looking at and playing around with maps. So I want to make some smaller projects in the mean time. Thus, here is the start of my second map. I named this continent Ghelvith, and this map will be a practice and exploration map for me. I want to try to do as much of the mapping as I can without direct use of a tutorial. For this map, I intend to explore and experiment and see what I end up with, kind of as a diagnostic test and as an exercise in fun. But yes, I broke the rules already, by using RobA's Making Not so Random Coastlines in GIMP tutorial, followed by OldGuy's Creating Realistic Coastlines. So the coastlines are thanks to those tutorials.

I'd like some input about anything, but especially about my geography. I decided to put in some plate tectonics after seeing a few examples of getting started with that step, but they came after the coastlines. I tried to read about plate tectonics, but it was all written in a rather dense style, so I don't know if I mapped the plates and the consequences of their movements accurately. Any input on that would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and by the way, those mountains are only placeholders. I just drew them very quickly to assess whether they were placed appropriately or not.

I have the feeling that I'll need to redo my intervaled border lines surrounding the coast. I imagine that some of that terrain from the convergent plates on the west side would show up as islands.

Thank you for taking a look at my map.

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