Hello all!

I am publishing my novel in the future and one of the last steps has been to find/make a map. Too bad I am just absolutely terrible at drawing, and programs like Gimp are allergic to me (or me to them? not sure...).

The two maps I am looking for will have an old world feel, parchment type thing. Think Tolkien maybe? One is an overland map of four countries with mountains, forests, beaches, islands, rivers, etc. The other is a map of a school building with libraries, offices, hallways and the like.

The novel will be self published so I am looking for maps in the $50 range, in addition to credit on the published work, as well as a blog post describing your work (a link to your own site if you have one). Also, I will require copyrights to the images as I will be using them in my novel, but I feel that you should definitely have a copy for your portfolio/website/etc.

Anyone interested?