Hello all! It is great to be here and I hope to talk with you guys soon. I am very new to map making. I have been writing fantasy for over 10 years, though. I have always sketched out very rough approximations that you might consider calling maps, if only to help me better understand the story I am writing. But now I am really getting into cartography and I want to start drawing real, beautiful maps. Thing is, I am only really interested in pen and paper right now. I hope that is ok. Probably some day I will get into using the programs, but as of now, I am more insterested in doing the work by hand. I was actually wondering if there is anyone else here who prefers drawing this way? If so, I would love to chat sometime, maybe pick up some tips or something. I have been practicing isometric mountains for the last 4 days... anyway, nice to meet you all! look forward to viewing your amazing work.