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Thread: Hello People of the Cartographer's Guild!

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    Default Hello People of the Cartographer's Guild!

    Hello! New to this forum here, but definitely not new to map making.
    Made my first basic maps when I was like, 5, maybe? Very basic, not very good, but a good start.
    After a while, I got on to more improved maps, adding mountains and forests. Cities and countries.
    Then, I began to make city maps. Again, rather basic, but a good starting place. I created new cities with the click of a mechanical pencil. I worked in my notebook, sometimes for hours. On just making my maps.
    Recently, I have started making even better maps. Honestly, some of them remind me of Lord of the Rings-ish type maps. Not exactly, but close enough.
    I then discovered Cartographer's Guild. Like-minded people who enjoyed the fine art of "fictional cartography."
    I hope to post some of my recent works here soon.

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    Welcome to the Guild! This place is awesome so it's good that you found your way here. I'm looking forward to seeing your work!

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    Welcome to the Guild Twostreams! You should definitely post up some of your recent work (in the 'Finished Maps' section), would love to see it.


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