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Thread: Ungrouping Lines in Inkscape

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    Help Ungrouping Lines in Inkscape


    Hello, so i just figured out how to cut a line in two. (Shift + B) and then jointing one of the halfs with another one (Shift + J).

    Problem is my previous lines are still grouped with the new construction. How do i fix this?

    What i basically want is to fill my new Object with a color but in order to do that i need to group only, my new object.

    Thanks in advance.
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    As with all such questions, it would be very nice if you published the solution you found. Perhaps someone else had the same problem, and staring at a big bold "fixed" isn't going to fix it for them.

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    Are the lines grouped (will show the message "Group of x objects..." in the status bar when selected) or just segments of the same path (will show the message "Path (x nodes)..." in the status bar)?

    If the former, ungroup with ^g (ctrl+g) and if the latter, ^K (shift+ctr+k). If you do break apart the segments, they will all get broken apart, so paths with holes in the (like a doughnut) will need the hole recombined.

    -Rob A>

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