Hello again all, wanted to thank you for the warm welcome. I'm glad to be here. I've been perusing the site for a while now but am having a hard time finding some small, specific info. So I thought I'd ask here and I hope it's the appropriate section.
So as I mentioned in my introduction post, I am very interested in drawing maps by hand. I was just curious about tools. I guess, mainly, pencils. I have acquired some excellent inking pens along the way, good sketch pads and a wide array of high quality mech pencils. Have some wood pro drawing pencils as well. Question is this - what hardness of lead is ideal for mapping work? We generally write with HB - the good ol' no 2 from school. That's my main light sketching lead right now. But the lines aren't right I think. I've heard 2B should be my standard sketching lead, with something like a 4B or so for shading. How does this sound to all you hand drawing experts out there? Any advice you can give would be appreciated.

Thanks so much all!