This is my first real attempt at creating my own battlemap. I'm a novice when it comes to map making. Prior to this my only experience was trying to (and often failing to) follow tutorials written by others. This map is the result of my first serious effort to combine some tricks and skills I learned from various tutorials. I used GIMP exclusively to make it.

The idea behind it was to make a large scale battlemap. An issue I've found with most battlemaps is the lack of size. In the game I most play (Pathfinder) the composite longbow has a range of 110ft just as a standard range, nevermind shooing further out into the range increments of 300ft+. Most battlemaps I've found have been small maps focused around a single object which don't allow ranged weapons to have much of an advantage when you can simply cross the map and get into melee combat in a single turn.

The structures in the center are supposed to be 'beast pens' of sorts. Where the goblin poachers keep rare and exotic beasts they've captured to sell or trade. The buildings on either side of the pens are supposed to be goblin warrens. Small, confusing, ramshackle buildings that make up the living quarters of the poachers who inhabit the site.

I purposely left the map devoid of decorations like beds, tables, torches, ect... because I feel like it makes the map more flexible when the GM can simply decide what purpose each room/building has at his own discretion. Specifically this was designed for use in which makes it easy to simply add in decorations that the GM would prefer.

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Anyway I'm looking for all sorts of feedback! Do you like the map? Do you think I should keep making more of the same sort? How do you think I could improve future maps? What would you have done differently? Do you have any specific tips to make my map look better?