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    Hi there. So I guess I'll get started.
    My real name is Scott and I am currently living in Toronto.

    A group of friends and I are working on a large media project together, in which we have to create a fantasy world for the characters to live in. There are four of us, Two artists and Two writers, between the ages of 18 and 20 who are In love with the fantasy setting.

    Since I have always been the DM in D&D, as well as one of the artists, I was asked to create the world map for our world. Of course we had never gotten too elaborate with our D&D settings before (We wen't to our local game store and picked up some D&D Maps and books, so we could get started quicker. We're young, so they're all new to us (:. )

    Anyway, so my research brought me here, and I was ecstatic to find such a large community of people who do this for a living. When I was making the rough sketches for one of the continents of this world, I could not express how much I was enjoying myself. Map making gave me back that drive I had as an artist when I was younger. I had never done this before or even been interested in the concept of geography, yet this is so exciting to me now.

    Ironically, if anyone has ever heard of the game Maplestory, back in 2008 or 2009, I was the go to Map Maker along with a couple others in the animation community. It was nothing special and obviously nothing to the extent of the level of cartography I've seen here, as It was simply taking the sprites and pieces in Maplestory backgrounds and putting them together to create something different. but it had that same theme as it does with regular cartography, which is making land and creating new places.

    Over the coming weeks and months I will be posting updates of the world while reading tutorials and hopefully getting some advice from other members of the guild as I post WIPS and finished continents or provinces. I've been given the task of Creating:
    -A World Map
    -A map of each Continent (4)
    -A Map of each province in each continent (Roughly 15-25 per continent)
    -A Map of each town and city in each province (A Random amount per province depending on the location)
    -A Map of each dungeon (A random amount per province depending on the location)

    So I got a lot to make ^^", and hopefully by the time I'm finished they'll look professional enough to be called a map.

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