Hello, well met, mae govannen and all that wash! I'm Beron, a gamer enthusiast and, of course, a nerd. My favourite game ever is the good ol' Planescape: Torment, and my favourite authors are Tolkien and G.R.R Martin; so you can see I'm a fantasy nut. For a hobby, I'm "building" my own world. Lore, languages and what not. Nothing to publish, it's just a private pleasure of mine.

I originally logged in here to access the deeper forums, so I've been a stalker for some time. However, I've come with a conundrum and its halting my progress. Hopefully my question can be answered. And yes, I'm well aware how selfish it sounds, but hey! I joined the BioWare Social network for a question and now I'm there all the time...arguing and...debating. It's quite a hostile place xD I'm not surprised though, RPGs are a sensitive topic. Still, I feel that this place is and will be far more friendlier

So there's my long overdue introduction...quite long, no?

P.S I'm drunk this is how I've built up the confidence and "la cara" to do this. I'm sure it won't be a mistake :-)