Hi all,

First post (I think - or at least, first in a long time!) I've been an avid CC3 user for awhile, but recently switched to a Mac and am starting to learn Photoshop for my mapping needs (several weeks into the free trial). I've found some excellent tutorials for overland design and using layer styles / grids for tactical maps, but am really missing some old CC3 features like randomized mountain/tree details.

I've read a few tutorials on brush dynamics and am feeling pretty good with B&W or monocolor maps using brush sets that I've put together (Deviantart rocks, also converted some of my CC3 annuals that I liked).

However, I'm really struggling with dungeon maps. Specifically, I miss being able to click on my item catalogs and easily drag/drop dungeon details like tables, rocks, and so on. I've been dragging PNGs into photoshop on unique layers, but I'm still finding that it's a giant PITA.

Is there anyway to do this more easily in PS? I toyed with putting a few things into brush sets (specifically, rocks, etc.), but there's quite a bit that I can't convert into brushes because of the color loss.

Looking for any ideas to help me work through this more efficiently - I could crank out a dungeon level in CC3 in an hour, but it's a lot more work in PS if I want details (as opposed to grid/layer style 4E type map). I may have to work through the Wine installer to get CC running on my Mac :p