I'm new here and need some advice from you talented guys. First, I have to say I'm very stoked by your maps and efforts - it's really extraordinary work.

I want to draw a relief shaded map from a very rough vectorized map, which only contains the country borders and the coastline dividing land and sea like a political map. After some research I'm keen on using Fractal Terrains 3 (FT3), the amount of possibilities is simply huge. Before I'm going to buy it I want to make sure that FT3 can import my vectorized map (even as a background, simply to use it as a reference) so "painting" the relief on it would be much easier. And if so - do I have to resize my vectorized map to the size of the final map first?

I've been searching for tutorials but only found some which start by creating a new map in FT3 from scratch. Thank you in advance!