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Thread: Wilbur Heightmap to FT3 struggles

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    Help Wilbur Heightmap to FT3 struggles

    Hey folks, I am trying to import a heightmap to FT3 via Wilbur and can't get a thing to work.

    First a few notes.

    I'm following the instructions from Waldronate here to the letter.

    FT3 v 3.0.12
    Wilbur 1.80

    I've imported this PNG into Wilbur, followed the steps and saved an MDR using the default: 32bit float.

    I then go to FT3, create new binary file, use the MDR and leave all settings the same. What I get is a completely flat world. No altitude whatsoever.

    Can anyone lend a hand and help me to understand what I might be doing wrong?
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