ARTE channel -and TV5 Monde as well- presents this wonderfull TV show called "Le Dessous des Cartes", meening more or less "Behind the Maps".

Unfortunatly, as far as I know, only available in french or in german.
The good point is that you can watch it online, so you don't need french or german tv channels.
Here are the links for this show in french and in german.

In about 12 minutes, one topic is explained with plenty of usefull and wonderfull maps.
No fancy music or special effects. Just maps.
With these, you can either learn a lot or just refresh your memory about topics going from Vietnam war to Europe's development, passing by Paris' evolution (which was the last subject they've been talking about).

This is a really serious and well made TV show. They always give their sources and try to be as objectives as possible.

Even if you don't speak french nor german, I warmly recommend it to you : the maps speak for themselves ...

If you know any show a bit alike this one, please tell me !