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Thread: VC/NVA Tunnel Rat Map - photo-realistic created in Xara.

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    Default VC/NVA Tunnel Rat Map - photo-realistic created in Xara.

    I've always wanted to try to create a Viet Cong/NVA tunnel system map. This is just a section with entry, traps, passages to other sites and a tactical operations center for a battallion. I used photo textures from I created all the objects and the map using Xara Designer Pro 9. I usually do fantasy maps, but every once in a while I do a modern or sci-fi map - in this case, circa Viet Nam War.

    I read an article once that stated some VC tunnels featured a large round room with a domed ceiling (of packed earth) with a hole cut out at the apex. When B-52s fly over the hole, despite extreme altitudes the engine noise caused the ceiling to reverberate with a hum to indicate imminent bombing. This was passed on to other NVA units via radio. So I included that in this map.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is very nice, love the styling.
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    The acoustic detection dome thing is an interesting thing. It reminds me a bit of those big stone acoustic mirrors built in southern England before everything moved to radar.

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